Connecting your database

Right Click on the Company Files label then Add New:

Add Database windows will open:

  1. Pick the database type that you want to connect to it: Access, SQL Server, MySQL Server, Azure, and Oracle.
  2. Create database and tables. Add tables to a database already created, or add a LetSync Desktop database previously created.
    • Create New Database: will create the database and the tables.
    • Add Existing Database: this option is when you already have a database that was created by LetSync Desktop and you want to connect to it; this database could be created by LetSync Desktop from another or same computer and you to connect to it aging.
    • Add Tables to an existing database: this will be the first option to choose for Oracle and Azure. Or if you have a database created and you just want to add the table’s schema to it.
  3. You need to establish a connection to your database. Connection strings format
  4. The name as you want to label the database on the LetSync Desktop interface.

We will use SQL Server for this purpose.

Select SQL Server and click on Set a Connection:

Enter your server name. The database name as you want to be created on your server (no spaces and no special characters are allow on this name). Once the connect is set the Set a Connection button will turn to green and LetSync will offer you the same database name to be use on LetSync Desktop interface; this name can be changed and it won’t affect the name of the database that it will be created on your server.

After changing the name for display or leave as it is, click on Add to finally connect LetSync to your server:

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