LetSync Desktop utility program LSConsole.exe can be used to run a task from the command but most importantly LSConsole.exe can be call from Windows Task Scheduler which allows to run tasks with almost none human interaction and there will no need to be logged in on the computer for the task to run.

LetSync Desktop will show when LSConsole.exe is running any task.

Windows Task Scheduler: open windows explorer ->right click on “This PC” icon then click on “Manage”:

Click on “Task Scheduler” on the left. Then click “Create Task”, on the right:

Create new Action. Go to The Actions tab, click “New…”, click “Browse…”. Look for LSConsole.exe which is located on the installation folder: “C:\Program Files (x86)\LetSync LLC\LetSyncDesktop\LSConsole.exe”

“Add arguments (optional)” field, goes the task name as it is named on LetSync Desktop UI.

Add new Triggers. This will be how often you want the task to run. Note: Task doesn’t need to be scheduled on LetSync Desktop UI, actually it is better if it is no.

Make sure that “Begin the task” field is set to “On a schedule”

Go to General tab name the task. Pick the option to “Run whether user is logged on or not”. You need to have admin privileges’ to set this task.

Make sure that the windows user that will run the task, it is the same windows user that you are logged in setting up LetSync Desktop configuration file.

Task will run on a schedule picked, but it can always be ran manually.

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