LinkedTxnRet (old ->LinkedTxnDetail)

  • Linking transaction when adding a new record:

When used with the Invoice Add operation, the transaction you are linking to via this field must be a SalesOrder; links to other transactions, such as Estimate, are not currently supported.

When used with Bill Add or ItemReceipt Add operation, the transaction you are linking to via this field must be a PurchaseOrder: links to other transactions are not currently supported.

The LinkToTxn aggregate allows you to link to an entire transaction, pulling in all of its line items. If you want to pull in only some of the lines from a linked transaction, you would not use this element, but would instead use the LinkToTxn aggregate within the line item. You can use the LinktoTxnID element along with the line item LinkToTxn aggregate, but they cannot point to the same linked transaction, for example, they can’t both refer to the same purchase order or the same sales order. (That is, the TxnID in the LinkToTxnID element cannot match any TxnID in any of the LinkToTxn line item aggregates.) If you do this, you’ll get a runtime error.

You will get a runtime error if the transaction specified by LinkToTxnID is already closed or fully received and the request does not contain any other lines. You get errors if you attempt to save an empty transaction. You get a warning if you attempt to link to a transaction that’s already closed.

If you want to link a complete PurchaseOrder to an ItemReceipt. You will create an entry on this table ( LinkedTxnRet ) on the database at the same time that you are creating the ItemReceipt entry.

LinkedTxnRet. TxnID = PurchaseOrder.TxnId

LinkedTxnRet. PARENT_IDKEY = ItemReceipt. TxnID (this TxnID is any unique value that you assign to the TxnID on the ItemReceipt to create the entry)

This entry will be picked up by LetSync Desktop while running an Update task on the ItemReceipt table

TxnIDtruefalsefalse true false
TxnTypetruefalse false false false
TxnDatetruefalse false false false
RefNumbertruefalse false false false
LinkTypetruefalse false false false
Amounttruefalse false false false
PARENT_IDKEYIDKEYfalse false true true
SeqNumkeeps the seq

Parent tables:

  • AppliedToTxnRet
  • Bill
  • Charge
  • Check
  • CreditMemo
  • Estimate
  • Invoice
  • ItemReceipt
  • PurchaseOrder
  • SalesOrder
  • VendorCredit

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