Number of Days In Chunk

You can change the number of days in chunks on the “Set Filters” option for a “Populate from QuickBooks” task. Either when adding the task for the first time, or editing the task after added.

For some company files transferring data from QuickBooks to any database can be challenging because either the company file is too old or to be big. And querying the company file using the Quantity of Records to Request per Query is not an option. That is what you will have to transfer the data using another approche whihc will be done in days.

On the Set Filters windows:
  • Change the Dates to “Custom”. This option will be on the very top of the options to pick.
  • You will pick a date range from when the company file has any data to todays.
  • Check “Append Data” option.
  • You can start by setting the “Number of the Days In Chunk” to 100. Give a run to the task. If gives you another error, you can lower it.

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