'you call it after connection with QuickBooks

        If Preferences.GetPreferences() Then
            Dim isUsingInv As Boolean = Preferences.IsUsingInventory
        End If

    ' Accounting Preferences
    Public IsUsingAccountNumbers As Boolean
    Public IsRequiringAccounts As Boolean
    Public IsUsingClassTracking As Boolean
    Public AssignClassesTo As String
    Public IsUsingAuditTrail As Boolean
    Public IsAssigningJournalNumbers As Boolean
    Public IsAssigningJournalEntryNumbers As Boolean
    Public ClosingDate As New DateTime
    Public HomeCurrency As String
    Public IsMultiCurrencyOn As Boolean
    Public HomeCurrencyRef_ListID As String
    Public HomeCurrencyRef_FullName As String

    Public IsMultiLocationInventoryAvailable
    Public IsMultiLocationInventoryEnabled

    ' FinanceCharge Preferences
    Public AnnualInterestRate As Decimal
    Public MinFinanceCharge As Decimal
    Public GracePeriod As Integer
    Public FinanceChargeAccountRef_ListID As String
    Public FinanceChargeAccountRef_FullName As String
    Public IsAssessingForOverdueCharges As Boolean
    Public CalculateChargesFrom As String
    Public IsMarkedToBePrinted As Boolean

    ' JobsAndEstimates Preferences
    Public IsUsingEstimates As Boolean
    Public IsUsingProgressInvoicing As Boolean
    Public IsPrintingItemsWithZeroAmounts As Boolean

    ' PurchasesAndVendors Preferences
    Public IsUsingInventory As Boolean

    Public DaysBillsAreDue As Integer
    Public IsAutomaticallyUsingDiscounts As Boolean
    Public DefaultDiscountAccountRef_ListID As String
    Public DefaultDiscountAccountRef_FullName As String

    ' Reports Preferences
    Public AgingReportBasis As String
    Public SummaryReportBasis As String

    ' SalesAndCustomers Preferences

    Public DefaultFOB As String
    Public DefaultShipMethodRef_ListID As String
    Public DefaultShipMethodRef_FullName As String
    Public DefaultMarkup As Decimal
    Public IsTrackingReimbursedExpensesAsIncome As Boolean
    Public IsAutoApplyingPayments As Boolean
    Public IsUsingPriceLevels As Boolean
    Public IsRoundingSalesPriceUp As Boolean

    ' SalesTax Preferences
    Public DefaultItemSalesTaxRef_ListID As String
    Public DefaultItemSalesTaxRef_FullName As String
    Public PaySalesTax As String
    Public DefaultTaxableSalesTaxCodeRef_ListID As String
    Public DefaultTaxableSalesTaxCodeRef_FullName As String
    Public DefaultNonTaxableSalesTaxCodeRef_ListID As String
    Public DefaultNonTaxableSalesTaxCodeRef_FullName As String
    Public IsUsingVendorTaxCode As Boolean
    Public IsUsingCustomerTaxCode As Boolean
    Public IsUsingAmountsIncludeTax As Boolean

    ' TimeTracking Preferences
    Public FirstDayOfWeek As String

    ' Current App AccessRights
    Public IsAutomaticLoginAllowed As Boolean
    Public AutomaticLoginUserName As String
    Public IsPersonalDataAccessAllowed As Boolean
    Public IsSensitiveDataAccessAllowed As Boolean

    'Items And Inventory Preferences
    Public EnhancedInventoryReceivingEnabled As Boolean
    Public IsTrackingSerialOrLotNumber As String
    Public IsTrackingOnSalesTransactionsEnabled As Boolean
    Public IsTrackingOnPurchaseTransactionsEnabled As Boolean
    Public IsTrackingOnInventoryAdjustmentEnabled As Boolean
    Public IsTrackingOnBuildAssemblyEnabled As Boolean
    Public FIFOEnabled As Boolean
    Public FIFOEffectiveDate As New DateTime
    Public IsRSBEnabled As Boolean
    Public IsBarcodeEnabled As Boolean

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