Primary Keys

List Tables
ListID is the primary key. The FullName (where used) or Name field is also a unique key for these tables.

Transaction tables
TxnID is the primary key.

Child Tables
Child tables used in transactions contain a field named TxnLineID which is a primary key. Child tables without this field do not contain a primary key.

Child <- Parent table relationship

Child tables are linked to their parent tables with PARENT_IDKEY containing Parent (ListID or TxnID), depending on if its parent is a list or transaction table.

LetSync Desktop system tables

  • history tables: it will record the last time that each table gets populated. This table information will be used as well for the “Refresh From QuickBooks” operation on the tasks.
  • error_table: will record some of the errors that happen when running a task, that doesn’t stop the task to run completely.
  • LSDatabase: will record the version of the database that you have working with.

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