SDKQBConnection DLL set up for new customers

Dlls Download link:

Test App Dlls Download link:

SDKQBConnection dlls are a set of dlls that will allow integrate your custom application with QuickBooks. It will allow you to send data from QuickBooks to your custom database as well.

You will be able to import and export data to/from QuickBooks.

After installing DLLsIntaller.msi, you will be able to add the dlls to your project refence in order to use them:

Imports Enumerations

This dll will give you access to all ENUMTYPE that are needed to import and export data to/from QuickBooks

Also, it will give the option to create log for your application.

Imports LSEmailNotification

This dll will give the access to send email either using your own configuration of emailing service. Or you can use the predefine email “”

Imports SDKDatabase

This ddl will give the option to create a predefine database schema that you can read and write from/to. Database Schema

Imports SDKQBConnection

This dll will give the connection to QuickBooks. This is the dll that will export data from QuickBooks. And it can import to QuickBooks as well. The “Test App Dlls” will help you to understand how to get that done. If you have any question feel free to connect us at

You can check the documentation that is available here on the web side. Tables Functions Summary SDKQBConnection DLL

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