Settings are the global configuration that will impact the way the task operations run and which log files will be saved.

Save XML response from QuickBooks: if they are checked while running the task, the request made to QuickBooks and the response from QuickBooks will be saved.

Append XML Response on the file: will create only one file for the trace. If you have a lot of records, this is not recommended because the file size will be so big that you won’t be able to open it.

Quantity of Record to Request per Query: this will set a baseline for all the tasks. You can always change the number at the task base for that particular task.

Kill QuickBooks and Task, if Task runs longer than: ends QBW32.exe before running a task.

Create Tables from scratch while Populate task: if it is checked, tables will be dropped and recreated on your database and all the table views will be lost. If it is unchecked, you will get the populate functionality (delete all the data from the database and start fresh) and the tables view won’t be lost.

Set Waiting To Connect To QuickBooks Thread: it will run a separate job to check if LetSync Desktop connects to QuickBooks.

Set LSData field To QBAdded or QBUpdated: it will set the columns to those values depending on the record that was added or updated from QuickBooks.

Delete Deleted Records From The Database: delete the records from the tables TxnDeletedRet, and ListDeletedRet; depending on the type of table.

Send Deleted Records To The Database: populate the tables TxnDeletedRet, and ListDeletedRet; depending on the type of table.

Create SDKCore log file on each Task run: will delete and create a new SDKCore.txt every time that a task is run.

Handles Deleted Txn From QuickBooks: it will handle all the records that were deleted from QuickBooks, and it will be deleted from your database as well.

Set Operation Field to Task Result: if it is checked and you are updating a record. If the record updates then the Operation field will be set to Updated, Added, and Refreshed.

Kill QuickBooks Before Run Task: it will terminate QuickBooks before the task runs, usually only works for terminal server.

Add Extra Logging To SDKCore: this will add more logging information, helpful for troubleshooting.

Include Items And Linked Txns: includes these subtables. Recommended to have it checked.

Running on a Terminal Server: this is for when LetSync Desktop Will be running a multi-user terminal server.

Force Update To QuickBooks: check this when QuickBooks is not acting like the main database on the Update and Refresh task operation.

Always update history table: this will always record the datetime that the task was run whether was completed or not.

Sort Records By SeqNum: this option will allow you to keep the same order on the lines that your company file has.

Print Custom Field Name: if it is checked will print [custom fields name]:[custom field value]. if it is unchecked will only print custom field value.

Populate MultiThreading: this option will allow LetSync Desktop to query QuickBooks and send data to the database at the same time.

Support UserData Field: UserData field, is a field that is meant for you as a user to save any particular info of the records that you want to keep alive even if that record is updated in the database. This field can be used for linking the record to another record from a different database.

Note for terminal server environments: When running on a terminal server QuickBooks cannot be opened as a background process because QuickBooks SDK won’t find the path to connect to the company file using QB32.exe. So, by checking the option  “Running on a Terminal Server”, LetSync Desktop will be checking if QuickBooks is opened (if it is open but there is no company file open, it will open the company file. If the company file is already opened, it will connect to the company file). If QuickBooks is not open, LetSync Desktop will open QuickBooks and it will open the company file. Then, LetSync Desktop Will run the task. After LetSync Desktop finished running the task. If QuickBooks was opened initially, it will keep it that one. If QuickBooks was closed initially, LetSync Desktop will close QuickBooks. 

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