What is LetSync Desktop?

Download link: https://www.letsyncsolution.com/letsyncdesktop.msi

Demo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=467ExiD7GTo

LetSync Desktop is an application that will allow you to integrate between QuickBooks and your database. LetSync Desktop will import and export data from QuickBooks through QuickBooks SDK and it is a Windows application. LetSync Desktop will allow creating an automated background operation that will keep your data synchronized between your QuickBooks company file and your database. LetSync Desktop will always take QuickBooks as a master database of records making this impossible to overwrite updates made in QuickBooks. LetSync Desktop will create the schema of its own table on your database server which is just mirroring the QuickBooks SDK. LetSync Desktop will be only capable to write or read from the schema of its own table (we are working on writing and reading from the custom database schema. As soon as we have a release date, it will be published on our website).

LetSync Desktop is a yearly subscription-based application. Your subscription will include a yearly maintenance plan to keep up with QuickBooks, Windows, and your database server updates. Also, you will have access to personalized customer support which includes calls, emails, and remote sessions if it is needed (customer service will be provided on workdays between 10:00 am to 5:00 pm eastern time zone).

LetSync Desktop uses three fundamental concepts to support QuickBooks and database integration. Company Files, Databases, and Tasks. Company Files, are QuickBooks company file that needs to be configured in LetSync Desktop; LetSync Desktop supports unlimited company files. Databases, are the databases that you will create you using LetSync Desktop on your server; for database servers like Oracle and Azure, the database needs to be created on the server end then LetSync Desktop will be able to add the table’s schema to it. Tasks, are the operations that will allow you to populate your database from QuickBooks, import data to QuickBooks from your database, and generate reports that can be sent to the database on the daily basis running manually or in the background.

LetSync Desktop when is installed on your computer for the first time will allow you to test it for 30 days trial-free, completely free. No credit card is needed for this, nor an account with us.

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