LetSync Desktop

$399.00 / year

LetSync Desktop will allow you to import and export data from QuickBooks Desktop company files and send it to different databases. Also, with LetSync Desktop you will be able to update your QuickBooks Desktop company file from different databases (See Help Page for more information on which tables and fields are supporting this function). This functionality will allow you to keep company financial and inventory synchronized.

LetSync Desktop will need to be installed on the computer that QuickBooks is installed.

LetSync Desktop supports Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL Server, Azure, Amazon database, and Microsoft Access (Access doesn’t need to be installed on the computer to be supported).  Contact us if you are interested in another database to be supported (See Contact page).

LetSync Desktop will create its own database on your computer or server. We don’t support database hosting.

LetSync Desktop is a yearly subscription software that includes:

  • Maintenance package.
  • Upcoming QuickBooks version compatibility.
  • Email support.
  • Phone support.
  • Remote Session support.
  • Email notifications.
  • Customizations.


LetSync Desktop will dynamically replicate all QuickBooks data available to an Access, SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, or Azure database. Changes made in QuickBooks Desktop are automatically replicated to the external database. This is an ideal tool for building custom reporting applications or websites that enable customers and or vendors to access their account information.


Supports all QuickBooks Desktop version and releases
Supports unlimited databases, QuickBooks Company files
Bi-directional QuickBooks Desktop synchronization
Email Notification
Complete autonomy once is set-up
Friendly User Interface

Yearly Subscription



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