LetSync Desktop operational tables

LetSync Desktop needs some extra table in order to operate properly. These tables are use to run tasks properly, to records errors that may occur while running a task, and to keep your database up-to-date for future new fields.

  • history: this table will record the date that any operation (populate, refresh, or update from/to QuickBooks) was done. This task is crucial for “Refresh From QuickBooks” and “Update and Refresh tasks”
  • error_table: this table will record the errors that happens when running a task if it is any.
  • dataextdef: this table is for the custom fields. This table will safe which custom fields is assign to which table.
  • LSDatabase: this table will tell the version of LetSync Desktop database you are running. If there is any future field that is added, this version will increase.

MySQL Create Statement LetSync Desktop: download

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